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All the way

All the way

€ 10,00Prezzo

Ivan, a young guy from Milan, lives quietly among his monotonous job at his father’s workshop and the planning for the wedding with Eleonora, his future wife.

However, due to a strong drug addiction, Eleonora will never walk down the aisle.

Her death will lead Ivan to run away from everything in his life and bring into question each teaching and certainty that he had until that moment.

Riding his motorcycle, the guy will reach Madesimo, a small town out-of-the-way among the Lombard Alps. Here, he will meet Joel, a mysterious barman who will turn out to be an important guide in Ivan’s life. Thank to Joel he will undertake a journey deep within himself to find who he really is and start living truly again.

A novel with a great emotional impact that leaves the reader with a sense of serenity.


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